About Us

PT. Elsyah Technology Indonesia is one of trusted professional IT consultant in Indonesia. We are located in south Jakarta. We entered IT services on 2009 and establish as a professional IT consultant on 2013.

Data Center

Elsyah Tech offers a good services to meet all of your data center. More


We provide solution which includes all aspects of networking. More

Information Security

We offers other business units to keep information security well. More

Software & Database

We offers a comperehensive services on software and database development. More


We offers the wide range of computer hardware maintenance. More

Cloud Computing

We offers companies and other business units to use cloud computing. More

Vision and Mission


PT. Elsyah Technology Indonesia become the best IT consultant.

Able to give the best services and solution in every IT problems.


“We serve what you need”, we provide our clients needs with the best services in IT.

Have a good and professional cooperation with company, schools, campuses, and other business units to develop information technology.

Leading a good quality products and services with effective cost.

Have a commitment that clients satisfaction is our key successful.

Our Specialization

As an IT professional, our work specialization covered:

  1. Information technology system development for companies, factories, campuses, schools and other business units.
  2. Software, database, networking, data center and information security development.
  3. Hardware and software maintanance.
  4. Computers procurement for companies, campuses, schools and other business units.